when you log in on tumblr and actually got a message





i wish tumblr had more of a “educate the ignorant” attitude as opposed to “send death threats to the ignorant”

i love how this post was made by a cis white boy

I like how you completely ignored the message and instead focused on who posted it. :)

My life is slowly losing it’s meaning. The pain is unbearable. I don’t know how or where I’ll find the strength to give up on my dreams.

Above & Beyond played with the crowd facing their backs for the first time in their music career.


Good thing it’s all about the music :)

Ultra is experiencing heavy rain and there is no tent over the main stage. So all DJ equipment had to be turned around and moved further inside the stage. Let’s hope the rain doesn’t damper the rest of the night’s performances. Up next on Ultra Live Stream, Armin Van Buuren


Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight (Ronski Speed Remix)